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2 Feb, 2019 10:31

'US creating coup in Venezuela, backed by every MSM outlet from MSNBC to Fox News' – Lee Camp

'US creating coup in Venezuela, backed by every MSM outlet from MSNBC to Fox News' – Lee Camp

The US establishment has put aside its internal political divides to unite in cheering on a foreign intervention, backed by the might of the entire American media, Lee Camp says in the latest Redacted Tonight.

“I am not saying things are great down there in Venezuela – they aren’t. But pro-war propaganda and US imperialism isn’t curing anything,” Camp said during the opening segment of his satirical show.

Our government is creating a coup in Venezuela with the support of every mainstream media channel in America, from MSNBC to Fox News, to NPR to Bill Maher.

Camp says that a mixture of misplaced concern and naked self-interest makes Washington “treat every humanitarian crisis like a baby bird” – nurturing an already perilous economic and political situation into an out-and-out conflict.

The host lists a series of recent examples where the US appears to have made things worse – either by leaving its job incomplete, or most often, by wading in, in the first place – including Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

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But Venezuela’s socialism puts it in ideological opposition to Washington, while its oil reserves make it an irresistible geopolitical target – past experiences be damned.

“The Venezuelan people deserve self-determination, regardless of how you feel about the current government – the absolute last thing they need is to be turned into a neoliberal parking lot,” Camp sums up, noting the solid ties between self-proclaimed opposition “president” Juan Guaido with Washington and the IMF.

Away from the headline issue, Camp covers the latest round of Yellow Vest protests, and the new Democratic presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, whose political hinterland is more complicated than she would like people to think.

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