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31 Jan, 2019 10:50

The internet thinks Putin and Maduro secretly played in an 80s Soviet band (VIDEO)

The internet thinks Putin and Maduro secretly played in an 80s Soviet band (VIDEO)

Did Russian President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro play together in a Soviet band back in the 1980s? The internet seems to think so.

A music video for the 1987 song ‘At the Dawn’ by Russian group ‘Alliance’ has resurfaced, showing the four-person group jamming with typical 80s clothing and retro hairstyles. The footage has been thrust back into the spotlight along with the Venezuelan leader.

The music video, uploaded to YouTube last year, has over 100,000 views and – apart from fans reminiscing about the good old days of yore – many believe we may be witnessing two world leaders before they entered the political stage.

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While the lead singer and the keyboard player do bear a striking resemblance to the political leaders (and the band has apparently had A LOT of members over the years), the vocals are actually provided by a man named Igor Zhuravlev. The epic sunglass-wearing keyboard player is a Russian man named Oleg Parastaev – who also uploaded the footage to YouTube.

While this particular throwback has been debunked, the hope for a bromantic ‘alliance’ between Putin and Maduro – and the possibility of secret jam sessions – remains.  

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