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29 Jan, 2019 12:18

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert arrested after latest hair-raising climb (VIDEOS)

‘French Spiderman’ Alain Robert arrested after latest hair-raising climb (VIDEOS)

Office workers in downtown Manila were stunned when they spotted a man climbing a skyscraper, right before their eyes, with no safety equipment. People quickly recognized the man as France’s very own ‘Spiderman,’ Alain Robert.

The 56-year-old was nonchalantly scaling the 700ft GT Tower in Manila, with no safety gear and only some chalk and wafer-thin gloves to protect his hands.

Robert is notorious for his urban climbing stunts and the 5ft 5in, 110lb Frenchman always keeps himself in great condition to be able to tackle some of the world’s tallest and most iconic structures.

His impressive resume includes conquering the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers, New York’s Empire State Building, and the world’s tallest building, the 2,717ft (828m) Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Shocked office workers in the area uploaded numerous videos to social media, capturing Robert’s hair-raising ascent from various angles. The French Spiderman went without the typical red and blue garb associated with the comic book hero counterpart, opting instead for dark long sleeves and yellow pants during Tuesday’s 47-storey free climb.

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Robert eventually descended the tower at roughly 12pm local time at which point he was arrested. He may be charged with illegal trespass or breach of city ordinances, though he always carries his passport in his chalk bag to make it more convenient for authorities when he is arrested, in the hopes of getting a slap on the wrist.

Robert has been urban climbing (sometimes referred to as ‘buildering’) since he was 11-years-old and was recognized by the Guinness World Records for most buildings climbed after finishing his 121st ascent in 2015.

“It is never easy for family having a dad who is doing that kind of stuff but they are used to it. They never asked me to change my lifestyle,” Robert said after a climb in London last year.

“For most of the people I am an inspiring person. I am receiving a lot of messages saying I am such a legend.”

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