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24 Jan, 2019 15:54

Too good to be true? Internet split as mother nails daughter with impossible slipper shot (VIDEO)

Too good to be true? Internet split as mother nails daughter with impossible slipper shot (VIDEO)

Video showing a mother’s incredible aim to strike her fleeing daughter with her sandal from an impossible distance has gone viral for all the right reasons. But many believe the footage is simply too good to be true.

The hilarious footage shows an angry mother refusing to race after her daughter running down a street, instead opting for her ‘chancla’ (slipper) and NFL-worthy arm to stop the teen in her tracks.

The group can be heard yelling “go on, hit her, hit her!” as the woman takes off her shoe, and they subsequently erupt into laughter as the girl yelps and falls over following the stunning long range strike.

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Astounded viewers guess the mother struck the girl from an estimated 30 meters (98 feet) away. The video has been shared across social media this week, racking up over five million views.

Along with praise for the almighty athleticism seemingly on display many have greeted the video with a healthy dose of skepticism, insisting that it couldn’t possibly be real.

What do you think?

Mothers using their slippers as weapons are infamous across Latin America. The ‘chanclazo’ sparks such fear in the Spanish speaking world that it has been a meme for years and videos of the funniest incidents routinely go viral. A recent example from last year saw a mother doling out swift justice to her daughters after catching them twerking.

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