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9 Jan, 2019 12:13

‘Focus on my hair’: Aussie PM schools own staffers who secretly photoshopped his sneakers

‘Focus on my hair’: Aussie PM schools own staffers who secretly photoshopped his sneakers

Photoshop wizards at the Australian government transformed the prime minister’s tacky trainers into slick white sneakers, opening a floodgate of memes. But it’s his thinning hair which the PM would rather have had altered.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s team decided to update a picture on his official website. They went with a traditional portrait: a typical family man with a warm smile, relaxing with his wife and two daughters on a green lawn. Even the dog is there.

But one small detail apparently just didn’t fit in: Morrison’s boring tacky ‘dad shoes.’ Staffers must have deemed the uninspiring trainers too ‘uncool’ for an Australian leader to wear. So, with a sprinkle of Photoshop magic, his trainers were turned into fancy white sneakers.

The crude doctoring of the politician’s official photo was immediately noticed on social media, sparking jokes and memes. As if the blunder wasn’t embarrassing enough, both of the fake shoes created by the government’s designers were intended for the left foot.

Morrison didn’t ask for his shoes to be changed, and his staffers did it on their own, the PM’s spokesperson said. The politician himself took to Twitter to deliver a lighthearted response to the situation.

“I didn’t ask for the shoeshine, but if you must Photoshop, please focus on the hair (lack thereof), not the feet!” the Australian leader wrote, lightheartedly addressing his team.

He also posted a picture of the same trainers he wore posing for a family portrait. That led to a new round of meme-making online.

As some users continued to mock the PM’s fashion choices, others took on Morrison’s advice and focused on his hairdo, suggesting styles for him to sport.

Like picking hair that “matches” with his tie…

…or going full ‘Boris Johnson.’

Some commentators gave Morrison props for the way he handled “an embarrassing situation.”

The PM even got invitations for a shopping tour to up his game in “leisure footwear.”

Officials at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet failed to explain why they felt the urge to alter Morrison’s shoes in first place, saying only that a graphic design team was “developing design options” for the PM’s Christmas card.

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