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4 Jan, 2019 09:36

Only in Ibiza: Reckless driver tests positive for every detectable drug

Only in Ibiza: Reckless driver tests positive for every detectable drug

Ibiza is known as a party island, but one visitor took this to the extreme when he tested positive for every drug possible when he was pulled over by police for driving, unsurprisingly, erratically.

Amphetamines, Cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamines and opioids were all detected in the 31 year old’s system when police tested him.

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The drug-filled man was pulled over at 3:00 am on Riambau de Vila Street in Ibiza Town for driving in the wrong direction and with a “reckless attitude,” the Ibiza Local Police said, Ultima Hora reports.

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It wasn’t just the man’s blood that was packed with drugs. When police searched him and his vehicle they found an array of illicit substances, including 20 pink pills, six purple pills, two wraps of cocaine and an unidentified brown substance.

The drug-loving driver faces a €1000 fine and six points on his license. He may also be slapped with a traffic offence for being under the influence of such a massive cocktail of drugs.

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