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Tel Aviv furious over Jordanian minister ‘desecrating’ Israeli flag (PHOTO)

Tel Aviv furious over Jordanian minister ‘desecrating’ Israeli flag (PHOTO)
Israel has summoned the Jordanian ambassador and condemned one of the country’s ministers after the official was pictured walking over an Israeli flag painting on the floor of the engineers trade union’s office in Amman.

Frustrated by the Israeli policies and Jordan’s peace treaty with Tel Aviv, the owners of the trade union building had drown a blue Star of David on a white background in the lobby with footprint dots encouraging visitors to walk all over the Israeli flag. Such an unwelcoming gesture went largely unnoticed for years in Israel, but sparked instant fury after Jordanian communications minister, Jumana Ghneimat, was photographed stepping on it over the weekend.

The minister was headed for a meeting between Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al Razzaz with the union representatives. To avoid controversy, Razzaz showed a more diplomatic approach entering the building through the side door.

On Sunday, Israeli foreign ministry filed a strong condemnation with the Jordanian government over the “desecration” of the national emblem and summoned the country's ambassador, Mohammad Hmeid, to explain the “act of disrespect.”

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Following the Israeli protest, Jordan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement emphasizing that Amman respects its 1994 peace treaty with Israel explaining that no harm was meant when Ghneimat entered a “private” building to attend an official meeting.

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab countries in the world that have a peace treaty with Israel. A substantial number of Jordanians, however, continue to oppose this arrangement, staging sporadic protests to demand an end of diplomatic ties with Israel.

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