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16 Dec, 2018 04:35

‘Superhero of justice’ or PR stunt? Cash rained down on poor Hong Kong neighborhood (VIDEOS)

‘Superhero of justice’ or PR stunt? Cash rained down on poor Hong Kong neighborhood (VIDEOS)

The holiday season arrived early in Hong Kong with a sudden downpour of cash falling on one of its poorest neighborhoods, although police arrived to ruin the fun. The stunt was reportedly staged by a cryptocurrency advocate.

Hundreds of people in Hong Kong jumped at the opportunity to claim some extra cash, after piles of HK$100 bills (US$13) mysteriously rained on them on Saturday afternoon in the Sham Shui Po district.

Footage from the cash giveaway frenzy on Fuk Wa Street showed a seemingly endless number of notes fluttering from the top of a building while a massive crowd below rushed to get a hold of them. Some even climbed on rooftops for a better catch.

Police rushed to the scene to prevent public disorder, and warned the crowd to surrender the currency, before seizing around HK$ 5,000 (US$600). Authorities said that they would not actively seek out the mysterious philanthropist or further investigate the matter as no harm was caused to the public.

Just prior to the money precipitation, in a video broadcast live on Facebook, a man dressed in a black hoodie gave a speech, announcing that an important event is about to unfold. “Does anyone here believe that money can fall from the sky?” he asks, before the camera pans to a building and money started raining from it. The video description mentions that the benefactor was a “superhero of justice,” who was “robbing the rich to help the poor.”

The man behind the video post is believed to be the owner of Epoch Cryptocurrency, which promotes trading digital assets online, the South China Morning Post reported. The young man also shared a number of posts showing him to be in possession of large piles of cash, with authorities now allegedly looking to establish their source.

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