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15 Dec, 2018 20:01

Playful politics: Juncker messes up woman’s hair & dramatically throws papers at EU summit (VIDEO)

Playful politics: Juncker messes up woman’s hair & dramatically throws papers at EU summit (VIDEO)

Jean-Claude Juncker was feeling rather silly at the European Council summit, playing awkwardly with a woman’s blonde hair, throwing papers on the floor, even blocking a camera with his hand. It's all in a day's work, apparently.

The 64-year-old appeared quite excited when he greeted one particular woman, fluffing –indeed, messing– up her hair and completing the move by giving her a kiss on the cheek.

But then things got weirder. Juncker intentionally threw papers from his podium to the floor while on stage with EU Council President Donald Tusk and others, and later raised his hand to block a camera as he walked by.

Juncker is certainly the media star of the latest round of EU meetings: a separate video taken on Friday prompted the internet to speculate what he and British Prime Minister Theresa May were saying to one another.

“I’m a professional lip reader and she’s saying ‘it’s too early for a round of Jäger Bombs, Jean-Claude.’ And then he says ‘fpshspghssfgppshshshs,’” Twitter user Olle7Ho wrote

Sticking with that train of thought, perhaps Juncker had also raised his hand earlier, with a glass of that famous Belgian beer, before somehow deciding it was flippin’ great to toss a lady’s hair?

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