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14 Dec, 2018 14:17

Read their lips: VIDEO of Theresa May’s ‘robust’ talk with Jean-Claude Juncker raises eyebrows

Read their lips: VIDEO of Theresa May’s ‘robust’ talk with Jean-Claude Juncker raises eyebrows

Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker have been caught on video having a tense conversation ahead of the EU summit. Left without sound, the footage prompted the curious online community to plunge into speculation.

In the video, the British PM, who looks quite agitated, was talking to the president of the European Commission shortly before the morning session of the summit on Friday.

Juncker appeared to be trying to calm May down, holding her arm and then raising his palm.

Lip-reading experts suggested May was asking why Juncker called her “nebulous.”

The exchange eventually became so heated that Dutch PM Mark Rutte intervened.

At a press conference later on Friday, May confirmed that she had a “robust” conversation with Juncker, who reassured her that the “nebulous” remark was about the “general level of debate,” not the UK PM personally.

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The ongoing EU summit has not been going May’s way. The UK PM told the EU leaders that the whole Brexit deal was “at risk” if British lawmakers didn’t get additional “reassurance.” Yet, European leaders have refused to re-negotiate anything. Some netizens, however, suggested that the two might have actually had completely different topics to discuss besides the old, boring Brexit-related stuff.

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