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‘World leaders are clueless’: Demonstrators hit streets of Buenos Aires to protest G20 (VIDEO)

As world leaders gather for the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, protesters have gathered to accuse the event’s participants of promoting big business and imperialism. Some 22,000 officers have been deployed to quell any violence.

While protests have so far been peaceful, even jovial, police aren’t taking any chances. Around 22,000 officers have been deployed to the area in anticipation of possible violence, particularly during mid-afternoon on Friday, when a huge demonstration is planned.

Authorities have said they will not tolerate any protesters wearing masks or committing any kind of violence.

RT’s Paula Slier spoke to some of the demonstrators, including one who said the cash spent on the G20 gathering could be spent elsewhere.

“I'm skeptical. I'm skeptical because I think all the negotiations, they are already made...and they could use the money for other things.”

One protester said those taking part in the summit simply don't have “any clue” about how to solve world crises. Another said that demonstrators are trying to show that the “G20 doesn't belong to the people.”

Argentina is no stranger to protests. The country has recently been gripped by anti-austerity demonstrations against the government’s 2019 budget bill, some of which have resulted in police firing rubber bullets, water cannons, and tear gas. 

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