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‘Brain diarrhea, gang of scum’: Ukrainian chief prosecutor loses it during parliament dressing down

‘Brain diarrhea, gang of scum’: Ukrainian chief prosecutor loses it during parliament dressing down
A Ukrainian parliament hearing on a high-profile murder became heated after the prosecutor general lashed out, calling some MPs barely printable names and reportedly saying “suck my c**k” after a vote of confidence.

The Rada, the Ukraine parliament, has witnessed many heated debates and quite a few fistfights. But the Tuesday session will probably be well remembered thanks to an impassioned speech by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who spared no insults for people criticizing his handling of high-profile investigations.

Lutsenko, who is known for getting his job two years ago despite having no background in jurisprudence, was called to the parliament to give MPs an update on the murder of activist Katerina Gandzyuk. A vocal critic of the government in general and the law enforcement in particular, she was attacked with acid in July.

After three months of agony, she succumbed to her injuries last week, sparking outrage among Ukrainians who accused the authorities of a failure to solve the crime.

After several MPs criticized Lutsenko’s handling of the case, his nerves were apparently on the brink. He marched to the podium to give them a piece of his mind using the terms such as a “gang of scum shedding fake tears”, “collecting interests in blood” and “a young ignoramus, who spills his brain diarrhea right in this chamber” to describe his opponents and said the country cannot tolerate MPs who “do not a damn thing and only know how to babble on TV”.

He said he had enough of this and was going to resign. The parliament speaker even called for a non-binding vote. It showed that if a motion to dismiss Lutsenko were submitted, the parliament would vote against. The prosecutor, according to at least one eyewitness account, told someone in the chamber to “suck my c**k” after the vote as he was leaving for a break.

As of Wednesday, Lutsenko’s resignation was reportedly sent to his friend and patron, President Petro Poroshenko. But in Ukraine this hardly indicates an actual intention to resign. The country is to elect a new president and a new parliament next year, and losing a key ally is against the interests of Poroshenko, whose approval ratings remain in single digits despite already spending months on various publicity exercises.

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