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3 Nov, 2018 00:32

‘I will stand against you’: Iranian general repels Trump’s GoT-themed attack with own meme

‘I will stand against you’: Iranian general repels Trump’s GoT-themed attack with own meme

The leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, has responded to US President Donald Trump’s announcement that ‘sanctions are coming’ with a Game of Thrones-inspired meme of his own.

“Come! We are waiting,” Major-General Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, wrote on Instagram in Farsi on Friday, under the image depicting him as a White Walker from the hit HBO show.

“I am your enemy. Quds Force is your enemy,” added Soleimani. “You start this war, but we will finish it.”

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ترامپ قمارباز؛ من حریف تو هستم #Sanctions | #iran | #🇮🇷 ‌‌ ‌‌ شما برای ما خط و نشان می‌کشید؟ ایران را نمی‌خواهد، نیروهای مسلح ایران را نمی‌خواهد؛ من حریف شما هستم؛ نیروی قدس حریف شماست. بدانید هیچ شبی نیست که ما بخوابیم و به شما فکر نکنیم. به شما می‌گویم آقای ترامپ قمارباز! بدان در آنجایی که فکر نمی‌کنی، ما در نزدیک شما هستیم. در هر کجا که تصور نمیکنید ما در کنار شما هستیم. ما ملت شهادت هستیم، ما ملت امام حسین(علیه‌السلام) هستیم. بپرس ما حوادث سختی را پشت سر گذاشتیم. بیا! ما منتظریم؛ ما مرد این میدان برای شما هستیم. شما می‌دانید این جنگ یعنی نابودی همه امکانات شما، این جنگ را شما شروع می‌کنید اما پایانش را ما ترسیم می‌کنیم. بنابراین نباید به ملت ایران اهانت بکنید، نباید به رئیس جمهور ما اهانت بکنید، باید بدانید که چه می‌گویید. از پیشینیان خودتان بپرسید. از تجربه‌ی آنها بهره ببرید. یقینا در داخل آمریکا کسانی هستند و موسسات مطالعاتی فراوانی هستند که اینها را مطالعه می‌کنند، به او گوشزد می‌کنند و به او یادآوری می‌کنند. ۹۷/۵/۴

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Earlier in the day, the US leader tweeted an image of himself with the message borrowed from the HBO fantasy show, based on George R.R. Martin’s unfinished book series.

The president’s critics quickly panned the tweet, and even HBO objected to the “trademark misuse,” though staying in-character.

Trump has withdrawn the US from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran negotiated by the Obama administration, arguing it was a terrible deal that did nothing about Tehran’s “malign activity” in the Middle East, ballistic missile development, and threats to Israel. The US has re-imposed most of the sanctions on Iran that had been suspended under the deal, with the last batch scheduled to go into effect November 5.

Tehran has responded by repeated warnings to Washington not to shred the deal or impose sanctions and risk open warfare. A conflict with Iran “will destroy everything you own,” Soleimani said in July, during a speech in Hamadan. This seems to be his first meme message to the US president, however.

The Quds Force is a special unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, and Soleimani answers directly to the Supreme Leader. Washington designated the force a supporter of terrorism in 2007, and placed Soleimani on the sanctions list in 2011.

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