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Barking mad: Adventure-seeking canine befriends family of bears (VIDEO)

Barking mad: Adventure-seeking canine befriends family of bears (VIDEO)
When voyaging through Russia’s wild frontier, one might do well to avoid getting too close to huge bears – that is unless you’re a mischievous pup with the ability to charm your way into their trust.

The bizarre moment when a dog was able to frolic around safely with a group of bears has been captured by a drone operator near the village of Ust-Kamchatsk in Kamchatka.

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The Russian Far East peninsula is teeming with wildlife, with the protected area said to be populated by between 10,000-14,000 brown bears.

Amazingly, the plucky canine appears to have avoided being torn to pieces by the forest-dwellers. Instead, the cheeky dog was filmed sizing up his massive companions before going on a ramble through the woods.

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At one stage, a bear stands ominously on its back legs and appears to stare at the dog as though it could be a delicious meal. However, the bears and the pup are later seen wandering through the sparse landscape together and play-wrestling on the grass. All together now: Ahhhh cute.

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