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15 Oct, 2018 20:27

Naked man dives into shark tank for perilous swim at Toronto aquarium (VIDEO)

Naked man dives into shark tank for perilous swim at Toronto aquarium (VIDEO)

A skinny dipper has risked life and limb to swim with sharks in the enclosure for dangerous marine animals at one of the largest aquariums in Toronto, Canada.

The bizarre stunt unfolded at Ripley’s Aquarium on Friday night, when a naked man reportedly dived into the Dangerous Lagoon shark tank and began swimming around.

Eyewitnesses told the CBC that the brazen daredevil ignored warnings from security staff and even did a second backflip into the tank, where spectators can usually watch sharks behind the safety of reinforced glass.

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Video footage of the incident has now emerged online, showing the moment the unidentified man paddled around with the sharks. He managed to get out of the tank unscathed and no animals were injured in the prank, the aquarium owners have confirmed.

Ripley’s Aquarium, located near the famous CN Tower, has now provided surveillance footage of the incident to police, reported CTV News. According to the aquarium’s website, the Dangerous Lagoon holds a wide array of sharks as well as two sea turtles and green sawfish.

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“The guy seemed totally relaxed and there were sharks like everywhere,” eyewitness Erinn Acland told CBC Toronto. “He appeared to be totally nude and laughing," she added.

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