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12 Oct, 2018 13:38

Aspiring pop star borrows hubby’s govt car to make music video, blocks Moscow roadway (VIDEO)

Aspiring pop star borrows hubby’s govt car to make music video, blocks Moscow roadway (VIDEO)

Moscow traffic is bad enough as it is, but the wife of a Russian official didn’t think twice about making it worse. She used a government car to block traffic on a major roadway in the capital while she danced for a music video.

Oksana Yakovleva, 29, who uses the stage name ‘Yaxana,’ and her cohorts have been slapped with a number of traffic violations after illegally hogging part of the Moscow Ring Road while performing for a music video.

Footage of their traffic-stopping performance shows Yakovleva, flanked by two female accomplices, dancing provocatively in front of a glitz, black SUV as puzzled Russian commuters drive past in the remaining unblocked lanes. Tellingly, ‘Yaxana’ appears completely unfazed, even as her video shoot brings traffic to a crawl. Luckily, the unsanctioned roadwork was quickly shut down after unamused traffic cops took the group to the police station.

To make matters worse, the Interior Ministry told Russian media that the woman operating the vehicle did not have a driver’s license. The group of leggy ladies were also charged with not wearing seatbelts.

The incident has a humorous political element to it: Yakovleva is the wife of a city official, and apparently used a car with a government pass to give the illegal shoot an air of legitimacy. She even had a group of burly-looking men on site, presumably to discourage furious drivers from seeking retribution.

Yakovleva has apologized for the incident, with her husband saying she should face the “full extent of the law.”

However, it’s unlikely that her husband was caught off guard by her behavior. Videos show that the pair have a penchant for busting a move around their cars.

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