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Girl escapes death by a whisker after falling off speeding Indian train as another passes by (VIDEO)

Girl escapes death by a whisker after falling off speeding Indian train as another passes by (VIDEO)
A dramatic video of a young woman who miraculously escapes death after falling off a speeding train in India, just as another passes in the opposite direction, has gone viral.

The girl – whose identity remains unknown – slipped off the moving train and only just managed to escape unharmed in the undated footage, shot in India’s financial capital of Mumbai.

Wearing a striped black and white t-shirt and jeans, the girl is seen listening to music and standing on the train’s footboard, where she adjusts her clothes a couple of times.

In a dramatic turn of events, she then slips off the train and is seen hanging from the handrail. She incredibly escapes the brunt of a high-speed train passing on the opposite track.

She was saved by quick-thinking passengers nearby, who pulled her up and back onto the train.

The girl, seemingly unhurt, is then seen crouching down on the platform, exhibiting a mix of shock and relief.

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According to the Times of India (TOI), while it is unclear where the video was recorded or who shot it, officials believe the vehicle to have been a local Central Railway (CR) train, as the logo on the passing train belonged to CR.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is now said to be investigating the incident.

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