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28 Sep, 2018 09:13

Nerve-racking: Tightrope walker thrills onlookers in St. Petersburg amid stormy winds

Nerve-racking: Tightrope walker thrills onlookers in St. Petersburg amid stormy winds

Stormy winds, a dizzying height and a death-defying stunt – a tightrope walker impressed onlookers in St. Petersburg balancing on a high-wire 40 meters above the ground. The daredevil fled the scene before police arrived.

Nail-biting footage shows a man who fearlessly walks on a wire stretched between two apartment blocks in Russia’s second largest city. The scenery looks even more chilling with the dark clouds and heavy winds. The footage was uploaded on Wednesday on Russian social media network VKontakte.

The performance, which took place around 40 meters above the ground, was indeed death-defying, as he almost fell several times. However, the high-wire performer was saved by his safety cord.

The thrill-seeker managed to flee the scene before police arrived, RIA Novosti reported, citing police sources. 

People on social media were impressed, saying he was “really cool” and “fearless” during his nerve-wracking performance. 

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Local media later managed to pinpoint the man behind the daring stunt. Aleksandr Gribanov, 27, said that his stunt was a major challenge difficult due to the weather conditions. “Your legs slip, [there is heavy] wind. Plus there is additional excitement because you know that what you are doing is illegal,” he said.

Gribanov, who works as a rope access technician, said that when he was done the audience broke out into applause. “It was great.”

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