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24 Aug, 2018 17:08

Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

A bizarre video, which appears to show a young boy’s reflection moving before he does, has provoked a flood of reaction online as people offer a range of explanations for the perplexing footage.

The video, posted on Twitter by a woman from San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week, features the woman’s son standing in front of a mirror, sticking out his tongue at his reflection and then walking away.

Originally recorded on Snapchat, the video includes the words: “Is it jus [sic] me or did his reflection walk away quicker den [sic] he did?”

The peculiar thing about the short clip is that the reflection appears to turn away from the mirror before the boy and it seems to be moving faster than the child.

A range of possible explanations have been offered by Twitter users, including that the boy was appearing alongside his twin, that it was caused by a rolling shutter on the camera and even that the boy was possessed by a demon.

The boy’s mother returned to Twitter to try and offer some clarity to the situation after the video went viral. “Y’all, I get it’s the angle the mirror was in and [the angle] I was in. I jus [sic] didn’t know the video was gonna blow up,” she said.

Are you convinced?

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