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7 Aug, 2018 22:10

Europe ‘needs to get a backbone’ when it comes to Trump’s Iran sanctions — Ron Paul to RT

Washington is powerful, but Europe needs to “stick to its guns” against President Donald Trump’s threats that any countries doing business with Iran will not to do business with the US, according to former Congressman Ron Paul.

In an interview with RT, Paul said that while the US can “throw its weight around” the EU needs to “get some backbone” to resist Trump’s threats.

“If they stick to their guns I think the United States would have to adjust our policies a bit, because how are they going to enforce that? You know, if China and Russia and other countries and India, they do business with Iran — how are we going to punish them?” he said. Paul acknowledged that standing up to Washington might be difficult if major companies are faced with the threat of losing business in the US.

“In time people are going to realize we might have to adjust because countries are not going to tolerate what we have done,” he said.

Talking to Russia

Asked about the anti-Russia sentiment currently gripping the US, Paul said that the people who are in favor of taking a very negative view of Russia — and who are pushing the narrative that Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidency — are in control in both the media and in Congress.

“I think it’s tragic what’s happening, because they have no proof of anything and for some reason these senators have come up with this new [Russia sanctions] bill — Graham and McCain and Menendez — just out of the clear blue, they have no evidence whatsoever of their charges that they have made,” he said.

Paul, who has long advocated a non-interventionist foreign policy and taken a negative view of sanctions, said that the US tendency to blame other countries for everything, slapping them with sanctions and then complaining when they retaliate is “very, very bad foreign policy.”

Paul believes it is important that countries keep talking to each other and said he was sorry to see a White House invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin rescinded.

“I liked it when Trump and Putin would talk. I was sorry when the invitation for Putin was removed. I think talking is good. I was in the military in 1963 — and I was glad Kennedy talked to Khrushchev. We need to talk to each other,” he said.

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