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What does longest route around ISS look like? Russian cosmonaut takes you on a tour (VIDEO)

What does longest route around ISS look like? Russian cosmonaut takes you on a tour (VIDEO)
Ever wondered what it looks and feels like to fly through the whole International Space Station? A new video by a Russian cosmonaut takes the audience on a journey, from module to module, to explore the longest route onboard.

On Wednesday, cosmonaut and flight engineer Oleg Artemyev posted footage of himself exploring the ISS. “We’ll fly through the longest route in the Station,” the space traveller said before embarking on a journey from the Japanese cargo module all the way up to the Russian segment located on the other side.

As he strolled in zero gravity from one module to another, Artemyev, like a real tour guide, explained all about his surroundings. He made his way through the living quarters, the lab, the mess hall and the cargo hold. He also flew past all his crew members, introducing everyone.

The first person he met was US engineer Serena Aunon-Chancellor, looking surprised and amused by suddenly being pulled into the spotlight. “The best person on board,” Artemyev complimented his female colleague in Russian, and continued his trip through the science labs and the “space kitchen.”

Along the way, the cosmonaut also met and greeted NASA’s Andrew Feustel, the mission commander, astronaut Richard Arnold and Germany’s Alexander Gerst, complementing each other for their hard work.

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