MPs roar with laughter over village names ‘Wise Vagina’ & ‘Testicles are Sad’

MPs roar with laughter over village names ‘Wise Vagina’ & ‘Testicles are Sad’
Proceedings within Ghana’s parliament took on the air of a boisterous school classroom when politicians exploded with laughter over bizarre place names like the village ‘Vagina is Wise’.

The unusually titled settlements came up for discussion in a debate about the country’s power capabilities. But MPs became sidetracked when John Frimpong Osei, of the New Patriotic Party, began listing off some villages that are not connected to the national power grid.

One of the villages, Etwe nim Nyansa - which translates from Ashanti Twi language to English as ‘Vagina is Wise’ - set the fuse for amusement and MPs could not contain themselves when the place names Kote ye Aboa (Penis is a fool) and Shua ye Morbor (Testicles are sad) were also called out.

Footage of the incident has been posted online by a Ghana based reporter, garnering even more giggles.

According to BBC journalist Thomas Naadi, who is in the capital Accra, some town names have held onto the titles given to them by their first settlers.

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