X-rated: Prison guard allegedly gives blowjob to inmate in French jail (VIDEO)

X-rated: Prison guard allegedly gives blowjob to inmate in French jail (VIDEO)
Prison authorities have launched an investigation after an X-rated video released online allegedly showed an intern prison guard pleasuring an inmate in a jail in northern France, according to media reports.

The amorous encounter took place in Sequedin Prison near the city of Lille, Le Parisien newspaper reported on Monday. The video originally posted on Snapchat shows a woman, believed to be an intern prison guard, and a man, allegedly an inmate, somewhere in the facility. The woman exchanges a few words with the prisoner and then checks the corridor of the prison to make sure that no one is there to see them.

The footage then shows the woman kneeling and giving the inmate oral sex. The man is reportedly a 26-year-old prisoner serving his term on drug trafficking charges. Following the incident, he was transported to another facility. The prison administration discovered three mobile phones in his cell, including the one used to film the X-rated scene.

The French prison administration launched an investigation into the case on June 12, French media reported.

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The woman, in the meantime, is banned from working in jails, at least in the position of a prison guard. This behavior is “unprofessional” and doesn’t respect “the principles of proper distance and safety taught at ENAP [National School of the Penitentiary Administration],” the jail administration said, as cited by Le Parisien newspaper. 

The whole situation is unbearable, the secretary general UFAP-UNSA penitentiary syndicate Guillaume Pottier told 20 Minutes. “It's complicated and it tarnishes the image of the administration,” he added.

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