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4 Jul, 2018 19:02

Hunting kids of Instagram: Outrage over children posing with their kills

Hunting kids of Instagram: Outrage over children posing with their kills

In the wake of the outrage over a woman posing with a slain giraffe, a number of hunting enthusiasts are posting images of children posing with their kills, sparking further furor.

Tess Thompson Talley from Kentucky inspired a deluge of anger when photos of her posing with a rare black giraffe she had just killed emerged. A number of celebrities joined the condemnation, further highlighting the images.

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Now, other, perhaps more controversial, images of young hunters and their kills are being called out, with many of the offending images appearing to have been uploaded in the last couple of days.

An image posted by hunter Kyle Virgin from Alaska shows his daughter posing with a dead grizzly bear. “I despise the thought that kids are too young to take hunting. We've been having people claim there's no way a nine-year-old could have killed this bear. Keep watching, we've only just begun," he wrote.

Msenge African Safaris in South Africa posted an image of a young girl named Hailey posing with “her second African trophy,” a giraffe. Her first trophy was a deer.

South African Jaco van Vuuren Safaris posted photos of their customers happily posing next to the animals they hunted. Their latest image shows a father and son sitting next to a dead lion with the words: “Congratulations on hunting this majestic animal.”

An image of a young girl named Brenna posing with her first big game kill, a moose she killed in the Rocky Mountains, was shared by Corlane Sporting Goods, which was pleased she carried out the kill with a rifle bought in their store.

Kadeja Assaad is an avid hunter from New South Wales in Australia. She recently shared a photograph of herself and her son high-fiving over a dead deer carcass.  

Images of children posing with hunted animals is not a new trend, as the #huntingkids hashtag reveals. Once child even has her own Instagram account, run by her father, which documents her hunting adventures.

The issue of children being taught to hunt divides opinion, with hunting enthusiasts often believing there is nothing wrong with teaching their children how to responsibly hunt, and others being disturbed by images of children holding weapons.

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