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30 Jun, 2018 12:40

‘We choose for whom we wear stockings’: Petition slams ‘whores’ story on Russian women at World Cup

‘We choose for whom we wear stockings’: Petition slams ‘whores’ story on Russian women at World Cup

A petition has been launched demanding an apology from the tabloid newspaper that published a controversial article, describing Russian women as ‘whores’ for flirting with foreign fans during the World Cup.

More than 37,000 people signed the petition, which calls for an apology from the Moskovskiy Komsomolets newspaper, which earlier published a provocative piece titled “The time of whores: Russian women disgrace their country and themselves during the World Cup.” The story was viewed online over 700,000 times.

“The whole story is a direct humiliation of Russian women,” the author of the petition states, calling on the paper’s management to delete the controversial article. 

In his piece, the author Platon Besedin gushes about Russian women who are working hard to maintain the sad stereotype that “they are for sale.” He claims that social media is full of videos of interactions between foreign fans and local women, who “behave like shabby broads with low social responsibility.” 

“We've raised a generation of whores, ready to spread their legs at just the sound of foreign speech. And if they're also shown a dollar, then it's absolutely perfect for them,” Besedin bitterly wrote. However, he blamed this situation on the “degradation of Russian men, who are both weak and irresponsible.”

Those who signed the petition slammed both the “misogynic” author of the article, and the paper’s management for publishing a story that had provoked such hatred and humiliation. “I do not understand why a woman can't choose with whom to have sex. For whom to wear stockings, and for whom to take them off,” one woman wrote, while another sarcastically added: “[Besedin] is just jealous.”

Both men and women accused the author and the paper of sexism, demanding that a case be taken to court. “We have to create a precedent, to make this case public,” one girl wrote.

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Many suggested that Besedin had been inspired to write the article by his own poor sexual life and inferiority complex. “The author of the article has problems with the fairer sex,” wrote one woman. Others insisted that it is people like Besedin and his supporters who shame Russia.

The topic of Russian girls flirting with foreign fans during the World Cup is as popular as the event itself. The discussion has reached not just social media, but also the Russian authorities.

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Chairwoman of the Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee Tamara Pletnyova expressed concern about Russian girls becoming single mothers as a result of their interaction with foreigners during the tournament.
However, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Sports, Tourism and Youth Mikhail Degtyarev suggested that the event should encourage more love stories. “Let’s hope that the World Cup will give us many love stories, mixed couples and children so that everyone would remember this time,” the politician said.

Meanwhile, Burger King ‘distinguished’ itself after promising Russian women a lifetime supply of Whoppers for getting pregnant by World Cup players. The famous fast-food chain quickly found itself in hot water over the offer and had to remove the provocative ad.

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