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29 Jun, 2018 13:43

Photobombing your love life? Your Samsung may send phone pics to your girlfriend

Photobombing your love life? Your Samsung may send phone pics to your girlfriend

Users of some Samsung devices may want to clear out the more questionable content from their galleries after reports that the ‘Messages’ app has a bug that’s causing phones to secretly send images to contacts.

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The alleged bug was first raised by several users on Reddit, with owners of the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 seemingly the worst affected. One poster claimed his S9+ sent the contents of his photo gallery to his girlfriend while they were sleeping. “Last night around 2:30am, my phone sent her my entire photo gallery over text but there was no record of it on my messages app. However, there was [a] record of it on tmobile logs. Why would this happen?” the user asked.

Other people posting to the forum claimed to have experienced similar issues, with some saying that their devices had resent random individual images to contacts without their permission. “Oddly enough, my wife’s phone did that last night, and mine did it the night before,” another user wrote.

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Despite the massive potential for embarrassment, Samsung is reportedly not in a hurry to create a fix. Reddit users have suggested turning off the storage permissions in the app as a temporary block to potentially relationship-ending accidents, according to NDTV. RT has contacted Samsung for comment.

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