Kalashnikov Concern builds futuristic vehicles for Russian police (PHOTOS)

Kalashnikov Concern builds futuristic vehicles for Russian police (PHOTOS)
The Kalashnikov Concern unveiled new high-tech cars and bikes designed for the Moscow traffic police. The electric-powered patrol vehicles entered service last week.

The electric car ‘Ovum’, designed by one of the world’s leading weapons manufacturers Kalashnikov Concern, weighs half a ton and can reach up to 80kph (50mph) in speed. Kalashnikov promises that the egg-shaped three-wheeler will have a “very smooth drive”. And even if it is involved in a crash, the car, unlike some other electric vehicles, has little chance of bursting into flames, the manufacturer says.

The ‘Pulsar’ electric motorcycle is capable of going up to 100kph (62mph). Its engine is eco-friendly, doesn’t make much noise, and is 12 times cheaper to use than bikes which run on gas, the company says. Aside from helping law enforcement, Kalashnikov plans to design a commercial model of ‘Pulsar’ that will hit the mass market.

Both vehicles were tailored in accordance with instructions from the Moscow Transportation and Roads Department. The local traffic police received 30 ‘Pulsars’ and 4 ‘Ovums’ last week. They are expected to be used in patrols during the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

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