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14 Jun, 2018 09:44

Lady business? Hot brunette pulls 22-ton tram with 50 passengers inside (VIDEO)

Lady business? Hot brunette pulls 22-ton tram with 50 passengers inside (VIDEO)

This superwoman from Kazakhstan is defying all stereotypes. The brunette displays incredible strength by pulling a 22-ton tram with 50 passengers inside. The jaw-dropping feat has been caught on camera.

Darya Nesterova, a world powerlifting champion and bodybuilder, performed her breathtaking stunt at a festival known as Kenidlifest in Kazakhstan's largest city of Almaty earlier in June. The super-strong woman admitted that she turned up at the festival simply for a workout. However, a training session turned into an Instagram sensation.

The challenge was truly enormous – Nesterova was attached to the front of the 22-ton tram by a special harness, and had to pull the vehicle with 50 people inside. A number of onlookers were seen shouting with excitement as the mighty brunette ploughed forward, pulling the heavy vehicle.

По кайфу обстановка !😍

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The impressive ‘superwoman’ later took to Instagram to share her emotions and document her astonishing progress. She said that she asked her coaches to pull a 10-ton lorry and didn’t expect such a ‘tram’ surprise. “I was able to do it!” she wrote. “I said that I'm ready for new records and victories! Here it is, the first record!”

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