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6 Jun, 2018 01:27

‘I could be a lawyer’ – Putin on alternative career options

‘I could be a lawyer’ – Putin on alternative career options

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Chinese TV that becoming one of the most powerful world leaders was not his only career option. He could have also stuck to spying or become a mundane lawyer.

Asked in an interview with the Chinese state broadcaster about what he would do if he had not immersed himself in politics in the 90s, Putin reminded them that he was trained as an intelligence officer and honed his skills during his stint as a KGB officer in East Germany. But Putin's education also left him with another backup plan.

"I used to work in Soviet intelligence... I already have a profession. But I graduated from the St. Petersburg University, the law faculty, so I could, in principle, work as a lawyer or attorney," Putin said.

While Putin has just begun the first year of his six-year fourth presidential term, there has been plenty of speculation as to what is next for the longtime Russian leader. While Putin himself has so far dodged the question as to whether he eyes swapping his presidential office for that of the prime minister, one can hardly expect a man with such a grueling workout regimen to sit idly.

"I spend 2-2.5 hours a day doing sports. I work out at the gym, I swim, sometimes I hit the tatami if there's a sparring partner, and, not as often as I'd like to, I play hockey."

Putin, who is often seen on the ice for the Night Hockey League matches, which see celebrities, statesmen and former star sportsmen participating, admitted that there is still room for improvement in his play.

“'Playing' hockey would be a word too strong, but I try to.”