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26 May, 2018 13:30

Literally shocking: Russian security forces unveil ‘Taser shield’ (VIDEO)

Literally shocking: Russian security forces unveil ‘Taser shield’ (VIDEO)

Russian police plan to employ ‘Taser shields’ in raids against crime. The ‘shocking’ new device was unveiled during the Advanced Technologies in Law Enforcement Expo near Moscow.

“Its whole surface holds an electrical charge. So, if someone charges at me, I can electrocute him,” an officer at the booth told a reporter from Lenta.ru, adding that the shield might also help to deter possible offenders and discourage them from dangerous behavior.

Different types of ‘Taser shields,’ also known as ‘stun shields,’ are already in use in some US police and sheriffs’ departments, as well as in correctional facilities.

In 2015, the Russian police bought a pack of 100 electrified shields capable of stunning a person for 10-20 minutes for studies and testing. The equipment is designed by a Russian company that also makes regular Tasers. The company insists that the shields will be effective against violent crowds, such as rioters and football hooligans.

The type of Taser shields acquired by the Russian police and the National Guard are intended for SWAT-style raids, not for crowd control during rallies, the company’s spokesperson clarified.

The ‘Skala’ (‘Rock’) Taser shields come in two basic modifications, according to the manufacturer’s website. The so-called ‘Type 1’ is detachable: an officer can remove the shocker from the shield at any moment, and use it as a normal Taser or baton. ‘Type 2’ is non-detachable, with the shocker element permanently wired into the shield. In both modifications, an electric charge is sent by pushing a button in the shield’s handle. The shield also protects its wielder from clubs, steel pipes, stones and bricks. Its ‘self-extinguishing’ special covering works well against ‘Molotov cocktails,’ the company said.

The police explained that there is a specific set of guidelines on how the Taser shields must be used. For example, their use is banned against children and pregnant women.