Kim Jong-un's ‘Men in Black’ jog outside his car, as the leader heads for lunch (VIDEO)

Granite muscles, sharp suits, and blue-and-white striped ties – Kim Jong-un’s security team is truly attention-grabbing. The bodyguards were spotted jogging next to a car carrying Kim for a lunch break at the historic summit.

The phalanx of hefty men maintained a safe zone around the leader, who was returning to the North for a lunch break in his posh vehicle after the first round of highly anticipated summit at the truce village of Panmunjom.

Every muscle-bound security member seems to possess the ‘stereotypical’ characteristics of bodyguards from Hollywood films – fitness, martial-art skills, and even looks. All 12 ‘Men in Black’ kept a very close eye on their VIP client during their ‘morning workout,’ videos and photos show.

The leaders of South and North Korea have met for the landmark summit on Friday – the first time the two countries have engaged in talks for over a decade.

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