Path to denuclearization? North Korea announces 6 pivotal decisions

Path to denuclearization? North Korea announces 6 pivotal decisions
Pyongyang has declared a new strategic course for the country, announcing an indefinite suspension of all nuclear and ballistic missile tests, in the run-up to the planned meeting between Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

At a plenary meeting of the central committee of the Worker's Party of Korea, the ruling party has outlined six crucial decisions:

#1. North Korea ‘solemnly’ declared that its previous ballistic and missile tests have allowed the country to successfully miniaturize warheads and develop their means of delivery.

#2. Effective immediately, any further nuclear and ballistic missile tests will be frozen, starting April 21, 2018

#3. North Korea’s nuclear test center will be discarded in order to ensure the transparency of the nuclear research suspension.

#4. Pyongyang will never use nuclear weapons, unless there is a “nuclear threat or nuclear provocation” against North Korea, and “in no case will proliferate nuclear weapons and nuclear technology.”

#5. From now on, all Pyongyang’s efforts will be concentrated on building up a strong socialist economy, while the human and material resources of the country will be mobilized to “dramatically” raise people’s quality of life.

#6. Pyongyang will establish a favorable international environment and will intensify close dialogue with neighboring countries and the international community, in order to protect the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and the world.

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