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20 Apr, 2018 09:33

Arab force in Syria would mean US transferring 'bleeding' to non-Americans – anti-war activist to RT

As reports swirl that Washington is pushing for an Arab force to replace US troops in Syria, the director of the Answer Coalition told RT that such a plan amounts to Washington pawning the “bleeding” off to non-Americans.

Saudi Arabia is interested in sending troops to eastern Syria, with Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir confirming that Riyadh is “in discussions with the US and has been since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.”

The alleged US plan, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, has reportedly piqued the interest of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater. Prince, who already helped the United Arab Emirates and Somalia set up private security forces, said he has been contacted by officials in the Middle East being tasked with assembling the force.

However, Brian Becker of the anti-war Answer Coalition told RT that the plan amounts to the US government “telling the American people ‘look, we’re going to go to war in Syria. It’s imperative that we do so, it’s imperative that we occupy – or our proxies under our guidance – occupy these other countries. But don’t worry, Americans won’t do any bleeding. The suffering, the bleeding will be done by others.’”

He went on to explain that “the real function of US troops in northern and eastern Syria – or if they are replaced by a NATO Arab military force, the Saudis so to speak, organized by Erik Prince – they will be nothing other than a tripwire allowing the US to bomb – either through bombs or missiles – against any force, including the sovereign Syrian Arab Army that seem to interfere with the American zone of influence in the northern and eastern parts of Syria.”

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