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9 Apr, 2018 10:52

VIDEO shows aftermath of Damascus shelling that killed at least 7 & injured 40+

VIDEO shows aftermath of Damascus shelling that killed at least 7 & injured 40+

Footage obtained by Ruptly video agency shows Syrian civilians’ homes damaged by militant shelling in a Damascus residential area. At least seven people were killed and 42 more injured, according to Russian military.

Jaysh al-Islam militants fired “25 mines and rocket projectiles” in “intensifying” shelling attacks at the Syrian capital and its suburbs on Friday and Saturday, the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria said

Ruptly filmed a child receiving treatment in a local hospital after the strikes. The footage also shows the aftermath of the shelling, with residents showing holes in their houses, as well as damage inside the buildings. Some of them were lucky to be outside when the mortar hit, but will now have to struggle to restore their homes.

"I was not in the house, I went home and found the mortar in it, this is what happened, as you can see,” a female civilian told Ruptly. “Thank God we were not in the house, nevertheless; the house [restoration] needs 200,000 to 250,000, how can I get that? Where from?”

Another resident recalled that he had been hit by glass from shattered windows in a nearby house, and he showed holes left by the missiles.

“We heard a sound, we went out to see what that was, but the glass from our neighbor's house was shattered and it hit us. We saw the roof holes, see,” the man said. He added that sand and stones got inside, but luckily no one was hurt there. “Thank God there was no fire.”

Seven civilians were killed and at least 42 people injured, according to the Russian military. Local media put the death toll at seven, including a child, and say that 37 people were wounded, including women and children. Some 10 people suffered serious injuries, Sana reports, citing Director General of al-Mouwasat Hospital, Dr. Issam Zakarya al-Ameen. The official said that victims had faced amputation of limbs and paralysis due to spinal injuries and severe wounds to the face and abdomen.