French TV show calls transgender man ‘mom,’ divides social media

French TV show calls transgender man ‘mom,’ divides social media
The French Twittersphere is abuzz over a TV show that invited on a couple of transgender men and their child, calling the one who gave birth “a mother.” Some have slammed the show as intolerant.

The now hotly-discussed show called ‘Hello, earthlings!’ was aired on Saturday. It featured an American transgender couple, Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese, who were both born women. The latter chose to keep his uterus to bear their child, who was also present on the show.

During the show a banner reading “Mom is on the left” appeared on the screen, referring to the 34-year-old, causing an uproar on social media and splitting it into two camps.

The first half believed that calling a transgender man “a mother” could be offensive for those who wish to change, or have changed, their gender. They immediately accused the TV show of intolerance. “What the hell is it? Mom? It’s a joke?!” one angry person tweeted.

Another person said he thought that the biological mother was somewhere on the left. But when he realized that the banner pointed to Reese, he was furious.

Others believe the controversy is a bit exaggerated. After all, Reese decided to keep his female reproductive organs, the ‘pro-Maman’ front argued.

“The guy on the left of the screen was a woman and gave birth to a child, so yes technically he is the child’s ‘Mom’, even if she changed sex,” one person said.

“He carried a child,”“But it is not a man! It’s a woman who took hormones to get hair!” were among the other arguments.

Meanwhile, Chaplow and Reese hope that the TV show will apologize for the inappropriate ‘Maman’ banner. “We know they will issue an apology for calling me a “mother,” and hope they will remember that many, many other men have given birth before I did,” Reese wrote with a kissing face emoji.

However, the TV show has so far remained silent on Twitter.