Musk v Facebook: SpaceX chief deletes account

Musk v Facebook: SpaceX chief deletes account
It’s been a tough week for Facebook with the fall-out from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now the social media giant may have met its worst enemy yet – everybody’s favorite comic book supervillain, Elon Musk.

Facebook has come under intense scrutiny following revelations that Cambridge Analytica harvested data from millions of people's profiles to sell to the highest bidder. These bidders are alleged to include members of Trump's campaign team and those seeking to make Brexit a reality.

Spacefaring billionaire Musk was seemingly none too impressed with the news and announced on Twitter that he was taking down SpaceX’s Facebook profile.

He did, however, claim he wasn’t aware that the company even had one in the first place.   

Musk made good on his word and moments later it was gone. The now-defunct profile had 2.6 million likes. What employees of SpaceX’s social media team feel about their boss’ sudden decision remains to be seen.

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