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28 Feb, 2018 20:19

‘Nuclear war between Russia and US will bring end to civilization’

‘Nuclear war between Russia and US will bring end to civilization’

By training its European allies to use their nuclear arms, the US is moving towards an atomic war with Russia, forgetting that it would mean the end of the human civilization, retired Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky told RT.

The US military is preparing the armed forces of the European countries for the use of tactical nukes against Russia, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said on Wednesday. He added that the presence of American non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe is a major stumbling block in the path of disarmament. 

“No one can say how serious the threat really is” from the US actions, Buzhinsky, the Chairman of the Executive Board of the PIR-Center, said. However, he pointed out that “the military people are getting ready. The Russian military is preparing and the American military does the same. And it’s for the politicians to warn the public that such preparations are being made.”

The Americans keep toying with nuclear arms in Europe as if they are forgetting that “there’ll be no one left on Earth” if such weapons are employed, the retired Lieutenant General said. The events will develop rapidly and have disastrous consequences for everybody if one of the sides carries out a nuclear attack against another, he warmed.

If Russia “will be hit with nuclear weapons, we’ll deliver a counterstrike,” the expert for the PIR-Center, which researches international security and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, said. “Russian and American strategic forces kicking into action would mean hundreds of megatons of nuclear munitions striking the territory of the US and Russia.”

“We are located on the Eurasian Plate, which gives us (Russia) a slight tectonic advantage. As for the North American continent, it will surely crack” as a result of a Russian nuclear counterstrike. “It’ll be the end of civilization. There can be no doubt about that,” he added.

Buzhinsky assured that Russia wouldn’t be caught by surprise if the US uses its nuclear arsenal against it. “The Armed Forces are ready for everything. President Putin spoke about it on numerous occasions and everybody is aware of it,” he said.

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An estimated 200 of the US B61 nuclear bombs are hosted by Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and other European countries as part of NATO’s nuclear-sharing program. Moscow views the presence of American nuclear arms and anti-missile defense on the European continent as a threat to its national security.

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