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Posters of armed militants on European streets gain traction on social media

Posters of armed militants on European streets gain traction on social media
A series of posters showing armed militants on the streets of European cities is gaining traction on social media. The pictures are apparently intended to cast doubt on media coverage of the Syrian war.

Citing the hashtag ‪#‎USA_Administration_Supports_Terrorism and several other tags in the Arabic language, the posters asks the question: “Would you consider them innocent if they appeared here?” “Here” refers to London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Washington DC and Riyadh, all of which are shown with threatening armed men on their streets.





Another series of pictures tagged in the same way show well-known sights in peaceful countries being targeted by mortar shells. Other images feature residents of Damascus apparently injured by shelling attacks from eastern Ghouta.



The posters are apparently intended to counter the dominating narrative in the US media over the ongoing Syrian military operation in the militant-held Damascus neighborhood. The narrative focuses on civilians hurt by the operation and fails to mention that the armed groups controlling the region are hardcore Salafist militants with ideologies not unlike that of the jihadists of Islamic State.

The militants have long been launching regular attacks on the government-controlled regions of the area, including residential areas of Damascus. According to the Syrian government, they rejected offers of ceasing hostilities and trying to move to a peaceful life. Civilians were hurt on both sides, but somehow only those living under ‘rebel’ control have merited coverage from Western media.

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