Humanity is doomed now that robots can open doors (VIDEO)

Humanity is doomed now that robots can open doors (VIDEO)
The latest SpotMini ‘doggie droid’ – originally programmed to help clean dishes – could be a formidable opponent should robots ever rise up against humanity. The extremely dexterous machine has mastered the art of opening doors.

Another sound creation by the team at Boston Dynamics, the SpotMini has been around before, with a version of the nimble robot filmed marauding around an office space and even stacking a dishwasher.

Now the firm, owned by Japan’s Softbank Group, has released new footage showing two SpotMinis combining to help one another through a closed door. Oh, the humanity!

The video shows one of the machines using a large clamp-like device to operate a door handle with ease. The clip, while impressive, is also somewhat creepy and reminiscent of a famous Jurassic Park scene.

In the Spielberg classic, two velociraptors figure out the mechanics of a door handle, with grisly results.

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