Snowmobile: ‘Avalanche’ engulfs Moscow train station (VIDEO)

Snowmobile: ‘Avalanche’ engulfs Moscow train station (VIDEO)
Moscow commuters received a massive shock when a huge ‘avalanche’ of snow engulfed an entire train station platform.

As a train pulled into the Koptevo station in Moscow on Monday, it appeared to trigger a massive deluge of snow from the roof of the platform. The snow spilled onto the train and platform like a powerful waterfall.

Luckily, the passengers walking on the platform somehow managed to avoid being buried or knocked off their feet.  

The video was shared on Vgudok, the Russian rail media website. The Moscow Railway press service said that no-one was hurt in the incident, and that the train wasn’t damaged, TV Zvezda reports

Moscow has experienced its heaviest snowfall in 100 years in recent days, with 45cm falling between Saturday and Monday. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin described it as “the snowfall of the century.”

According to Moscow’s Deputy Mayor Petr Birykov, the amount of snow in Moscow could fill a train the length of Earth’s equator. “The train, in which, if you load this snow, could bypass the whole of our land along the equator,” he told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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