Russian daredevil jumps off high-rise in nail-biting video (VIDEO)

Russian daredevil jumps off high-rise in nail-biting video (VIDEO)
A Russian adrenaline junkie wearing a parachute has leaped off a snowy balcony in a high-rise apartment block, capturing the daring stunt on video.

In a display of both bravery and recklessness, the man calmly unwraps his yellow-and-red parachute before jumping off the edge of a balcony. The next moment, he releases his unpacked parachute and glides for a few seconds before successfully landing on the ground.

All along the jumper is encouraged by his friend who filmed the stunt. It was all over in just a few seconds, as the distance from the balcony to the ground was hardly suitable for base-jumping.

“I’ll see you,” the friend says, as the man throws himself down, at which point he adds “…idiot.” The video has been making waves online, with some commentators hailing the man for his bravery and others calling him plain crazy.

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