Violent clashes erupt in Melbourne outside ‘troll’ Milo Yiannopoulos’ event

Rival protesters in a Melbourne suburb have engaged in violent brawls ahead of a speech by controversial right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who is in Australia for his “Troll Academy” tour. The venues are being kept secret until the last minute.

Fights erupted after scores of protesters from Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and dozens of far-right supporters gathered outside the Melbourne Pavilion on Monday, which was announced as hosting one of the British commentator’s events.  

The crowd of demonstrators engaged in an altercation, and the scene descended into violence with fists flying, as seen on the pictures and footage shared by Australian media. At least one of the demonstrators could be seen wielding a wooden stick.


Two protesters then wrestled in the middle of the road, prompting police to use pepper spray to break up the scuffle. A total of 100 officers were sent to the venue, including 40 riot police, 9News reported

At least two protesters were arrested, according to ABC News. Some protesters threw rocks at police vehicles, according to the media.

Yiannopoulos was set to hold three talks in Melbourne on Monday, with all of the shows sold out. The location of the venues hadn’t been disclosed until last minute due to concerns about protests

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The 33-year-old firebrand landed in Australia last week for his “Troll Academy” speaking tour, saying he had a “very positive” and almost “uniformly delighted” response upon his arrival.

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