Wingsuit flyers jump off mountain & into moving plane in insane stunt (VIDEO)

Wingsuit flyers jump off mountain & into moving plane in insane stunt (VIDEO)
Two wingsuit flyers jumped from the summit of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, landing inside a moving plane in what can only be described as an insane stunt.

French BASE jumping duo Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet (known as the Soul Flyers) brought wingsuit flying to a new level when they leapt from the top of Jungfrau mountain in the Bernese Alps and flew into a “door in the sky.”

The pair made the BASE jump from the one of Europe’s highest peaks before hurtling into the tiny cabin of a mid-air Pilatus Porter light aircraft.

The hair-raising project was inspired by the 20th anniversary of Patrick de Gayardon's wingsuit jump from an aircraft, after which he flew back into the plane. “He was a pioneer in our scene and we wanted to reproduce his stunt. At the beginning of the year, I woke up one day and said to Fred, ‘We have to do it but with a BASE jump from a cliff!’'” Reffet told Red Bull, which sponsored the extreme flight.

The pair underwent gruelling training to pull off the incredible feat, experiencing some failed attempts and injuries along the way. In total they made 20 test flights into the plane before tackling the stunt from the mountain.

“It was crazy. You're at 4,000 meters, you jump and that’s it!  You start from point A and you finish at point B in a plane,” Reffet said, explaining the feeling of not having a parachute.

“We're used to jumping from the plane, but here you have to enter into it. You're falling down and all of a sudden there’s no air anymore. The feeling is quite strange. When you're in the plane and you see your friend flying closer and closer, it's incredible. It was very emotional for us because we worked hard to make it happen,” he added.