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Man vs wild: Bear steals Siberian hunter’s 2 guns from his cabin

Man vs wild: Bear steals Siberian hunter’s 2 guns from his cabin
A hunter in a remote area of Siberia was left bare handed after a wild bear broke into a cabin and stole two of his guns.

The 57-year-old man decided to rest in the cabin while hunting deep in a forest in the Irkutsk region of eastern Siberia. He briefly left the cabin to fetch some fresh water and when he returned he was startled to learn that a wild bear was rooting around in his belongings.

“To avoid an encounter with the animal, the hunter scurried off into the woods where he hid for several hours,” the regional Interior Ministry said in a statement, as cited by TASS.

When the hunter returned he was shocked to discover that the bear had stolen two of his guns. The man then spent several days searching the area for the weapons but they were nowhere to be found.

Police have launched an investigation into the bizarre incident and the hapless hunter is now facing a fine and may now forfeit his right to buy and use guns for one year.

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This is not the first time Russian police have had to investigate a bear-related incident. In March 2017, police in the southern city of Taganrog were called into action after a man was seen walking a bear on a leash through a residential neighborhood. That bear, however, wasn’t carrying guns.