Man fires six bullets into air at Turkish wedding in Germany (VIDEO)

Man fires six bullets into air at Turkish wedding in Germany (VIDEO)
A disturbing video has been released showing a man firing six shots into the air while sitting inside a car in Germany. The incident happened in broad daylight at a wedding ceremony in Duisburg, in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A local resident who filmed the incident told the Bild tabloid that “the party blocked the entire street,” adding that “the gunman even pointed his gun at a motorist in the oncoming traffic.”

“There were Turkish flags on display,” the witness said. Bild draws the obvious conclusion that this must have been a Turkish wedding.

By the time law enforcement officers arrived, the party was already over.

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Such incidents are increasingly common, police said.

“Unfortunately, the incident does not surprise us. We are aware of the problem. The thing is, when we arrive at the scene, the perpetrators are already gone or we cannot find any weapons,” said local police spokesman Ramon van der Maat.

A similar incident took place late last month at a wedding ceremony in Bonn, the newspaper reported. There too, a man fired several shots into the air from a moving car. A case was opened against him for violating German gun-control laws.