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Hot wheels: ‘Unimpressed’ Russian man drives burning bus (VIDEO)

Hot wheels: ‘Unimpressed’ Russian man drives burning bus (VIDEO)
A bus on fire casually driving through the streets was caught on film in a Russian town, proving that even public transportation can be quite a hot ride.

Footage of a burning PAZ-brand bus, which rolled through the streets of the central Russian community of Orel, emerged on social media on Friday.

The rather old vehicle, bearing a number of a local bus route seven, can be seen casually driving while engulfed in a large cloud of white smoke. An open fire was raging in the engine compartment of the bus, right next to the motorist, who kept on driving like nothing was happening.

While the video may send shivers down your spine, the “unimpressed” driver can be seen opening the door without actually trying to flee… but presumably to let the smoke out. Luckily, the flaming PAZ was not carrying any passengers.

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The local branch of the Russian Emergency Services praised the driver, identified only by his first name, Viktor, stating that he skillfully got the burning vehicle away from other motorists, parked it, and called the fire department. The steadfast  driver even managed to put out the flames before rescue teams arrived, and walked away unharmed.

While the bus retained its line number and yellow plates – reserved for public transport – it no longer carried passengers, as the bus line operator sold the vehicle late in October, Orel’s administration spokesperson told RIA Novosti. The bus was on the way to a service center, but apparently did not make it in time.