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Bigfoot hunter suing local government for right to prove beast’s existence (VIDEOS, POLL)

Bigfoot hunter suing local government for right to prove beast’s existence (VIDEOS, POLL)
A Canadian man gathering evidence which he believes will prove the existence of Bigfoot is taking his quest to the courts in British Columbia, in an effort to compel the local government to back research into the mythical beast’s habitat.

Todd Standing has been carrying out expeditions in Canada’s Rocky Mountains for nearly a decade. Dubbed a ‘sasquatch researcher,’ Standing has previously released images which he claims provide a “crystal clear” view of the simian-like creature.

The mythical creature has been the subject of numerous hoaxes for decades, and has surfaced in grainy footage over the years, most famously the Patterson-Gimlin film of the 1960s.

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Standing believes he can provide genetic analysis of the humanoid and wants the government to acknowledge its existence.

He has now filed a lawsuit with the British Columbia Supreme Court, according to the Vancouver Sun, accusing the Fish and Wildlife ministry of a “dereliction of duty pertaining to the interests of an indigenous wildlife species.”

Speaking to Metro News, Standing suggested the government is responsible for an area of land where he thinks at least one creature resides. “I have so much evidence, this is way beyond a reasonable doubt,” he told the news outlet.

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“This seriously requires more investigation. It’s irresponsible that nobody’s taking this seriously,” he added.

Through his website, Standing provides excursions to “undisclosed” research sites for a fee of US$4,800. Standing’s legitimacy as researcher has been questioned within the Bigfoot hunting community, however, with Team Squatchin’ USA, a forum for researchers and enthusiasts, declaring that his evidence is at least partly a “hoax.”