Preorders for Apple’s iPhone X offered online for $59,999 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Preorders for Apple’s iPhone X offered online for $59,999 (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Online sellers are hoping to capitalize on Apple product mania by listing the company’s new iPhone X at extreme markup prices.

The so-called “revolutionary” phone was announced September in tandem with the new iPhone 8 at the company’s mega campus in California, and demand for the device is “off the charts,” according to Apple.

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Retailing at approximately $999 for a 64 gigabyte device, the iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones created by the American tech firm. On Friday, it could be preordered online for November 3 prior to it hitting the shops.

Now it appears that people are taking advantage of Apple fans’ excitement by selling their pre-orders on eBay for eye-watering sums. One listing on the online trading website promised delivery of a “unlocked” space gray model of the phone for a price of $59,999.

A second online offer from Canada lists the phone at CA$10,000.

A UK based seller has also listed a iPhone X “confirmed pre-order” for the princely sum of $6,570. Other similarly audacious deals include the phone being offered for sale from between $2,000-$3,000.

Featuring a high definition “super retina” screen and Face ID password application, the iPhone X is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Apple smartphone. Announcing the iPhone X in September, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the device “would set the path for technology for the next decade.”

The delirium surrounding the product’s pre-order was also apparent online, with Apple fans and critics alike sharing memes about the likely rush to secure the device.