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2 Oct, 2017 15:57

Swiss MP resigns after saying Nazis treated Jews better than people treat pigs

Swiss MP resigns after saying Nazis treated Jews better than people treat pigs

A controversial remark has cost a member of the Swiss Green party his place on the National Council. Talking during a debate on a fair food initiative, the MP said that farmed pigs have no chance of survival, unlike Jews at Auschwitz concentration camp.

Speaking at the National Council debate last week, the 40-year old politician Jonas Fricker criticized transportation of the animals sent to slaughter by comparing it with the deportation of the Jews during World War II.

"The deported people had only a small chance of survival. The pigs are condemned to certain death," Fricker remarked at the meeting, as quoted by Swiss media. He added that the comparison came to his mind when he watched a documentary on the farmed animals.

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The politician later admitted that his analogy was "offensive and inappropriate." In an open letter to his party, he apologized for the remark, saying he believes the Holocaust to be a “gruesome crime that bears no comparison.”

Fricker, who is currently a member of the Committee on Science, Education and Culture also announced his resignation from the National Council, pointing out that “surrendering the mandate is the strongest signal” he can send.

While the apologies have reportedly been accepted by the official representatives of the Swiss Jewish communities in the council, Fricker's fellow party members applauded his decision to resign. The Green Party leader has also announced that the block will introduce new rules for its members, which will ensure adherence to humanist principles.