Sputnik correspondent comes under fire in Mosul

A correspondent for Sputnik’s Arab news desk, Sara Nureddin, has come under fire in western Mosul. An Iraqi soldier accompanying her received five gunshot wounds.

The incident occurred in the al-Maydan district near the ruins of the iconic Great Mosque of al-Nuri. The correspondent came under fire while filming a demining operation.

“The attacker had a M16-type rifle and was located in a small room with a hole in the roof in a primary school in the old part of Mosul,” Nureddin told Sputnik.

“The soldier received five injuries in the leg, back and lost a finger. I suffered bruises, while running to a safe place in the basement of the school,” the correspondent said.

The correspondent and the soldier were later evacuated from the area by Iraqi counter-terrorism units.

“We were delivered to a hospital of al-Nuri mosque where we received first aid. The serviceman was sent to a US hospital, where bullets were extracted from his body after which he will be sent to Baghdad for treatment,” the correspondent said.